Home Care Funding

Home Care Funding

Home Care funding
for in-home care costs can seem daunting. At Home Comfort Care we understand that most families may be challenged with limited funds and are in need of alternate paying options to reach the goal of keeping yourself or your loved one independent and in their home for as long as attainable. Our long term care and short term care services are provided in the comfort of home, are reliable, very professional, and we only send personable, licensed and passionate caregivers to provide care according to the care plan that you decide on. In Home Care is known to assist in reducing the overall fees included with respite care, it is less stressful for anyone in need of care and is beneficial to the quality of life and in most cases increasing the life expectancy of your family member.  Over the years we found a few options that have helped our clients with some home care funding. We found resources available that clients may have not thought to use or realized were available. We have compiled a short list of home care payment and or funding options for your convenience to start finding the financial solutions to fit your needs and help relieve any financial burden. Let us help you or your loved one stay independent in the comfort of their home for as long possible.

Home Care Funding Options for Home Comfort Care

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Funding Options for Home Care

  • Privately Paid – Many of our clients are private pay. Our services are invoiced directly to you. We currently bill bi-weekly and can customize the payment plan to fit your needs.
  • Long Term Care Insurance – If your loved one has a long term or short term care policy the insurance company will help cover the homecare costs based on the policy terms.
  • Local State programs – Contact your State’s Senior help department. For our Utah residents we recommend the following website to search for resources.
  • Local County Programs – Check with your county for health services. Our Utah clients in Davis and Weber counties have found assistance through the following sources.
  • Life Insurance Death Benefit while Living – Some life insurance policy have death benefits that will allow a portion of the policies benefit to be withdrawn while living. This could help offset the costs involved for care.
  • Reverse Mortgage – Contact a local reverse mortgage company in your area for details. Once a homeowner meets the age requirement they can apply for a reverse mortgage to allow them the use of the equity in their home to help offset or pay for the care costs.

Home Comfort Care is providing the above options for your resource and does not endorse any of these options as the method you must pay for at home care. The in home care funding resources are to allow you to exhaust any and all options available to you and for you to make the best choice for your situation.

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