Top 5 Questions to Ask When Hiring a House Cleaner

Top 5 Questions to Ask When Hiring

a House Cleaner


Are you shopping around to hire the best house cleaning company or person to come to your home for complete quality cleaning services?  If yes, there are certain things you should know up front and important questions to ask in advance before letting a neighbor or even a professional company come into your household to clean. With the help from our valued and loyal customers, Home Comfort Care has compiled the top 5 questions you should ask when hiring a house cleaner or before deciding who you entrust to clean your home.

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Top 5 Questions to Ask When Hiring a House Cleaner:

  1.  Are you Insured, Licensed and Bonded?  

If you are looking to hire a house cleaner, make sure they are covered by insurance, licensed and bonded.  Professional companies’ rates might be a little higher than hiring your neighbor as a cleaning lady, but this is a very important question to ask as it protects you (the consumer) and ensures that you are not responsible for personal injury if anything happens in the home such as accidental damage to your property.  If you bring in a neighbor or unlicensed/uninsured cleaner and they get hurt, your homeowner’s insurance might not be willing to cover the cost of any of it.  If something gets damaged, you are in charge of covering the cost.  A good cleaning company will have coverage for all the important items in your home just in case.    

InsuredIf the company is insured, this insurance covers against personal injuries or damage within your home while the cleaning or housekeeping services are being completed. If an injury occurs, the claim gets filed against the company’s insurance and not your homeowners insurance.

LicensedA business license is necessary to show that you’re competent and permitted to conduct business in the city, municipality, or state in which the license was issued.

BondedA bond is obtained and issued from a bonding insurance company as a certificate of secured money for a State and/or industry predetermined amount. The secured money is in the control of the state, as a bond, and not under the control of the company.


  1.  Does the Company supply the Cleaning products?  

Generally, the answer is yes. The cost of the products can be included within the hourly costs you pay. Make sure and ask up front to confirm how this is calculated. As a professional cleaning service, Home Comfort Care will bring all the needed supplies for the job including mops, brooms, rags, all chemicals and a vacuum if needed. We do know that some people have allergies or specific requests, so we always ask our clients what they prefer for products used, and if they want any special items or products for special types of messes. Our most common supplies are green-friendly to cut down on the amount of chemicals used in the home. The vacuum is the most important tool we use but can spread germs quickly.  If we bring our vacuum, we ensure it is cleaned out before each use to the best of our ability. Our company prefers this because it reduces the risk of bringing in someone else’s germs or dander. Cleaning out a vacuum between servicing each client is a huge perk with our company that a lot of others do not do. If you have your own vacuum, we also empty it out when we are done using it. We want to make sure that your home stays clean and your vacuum stays nice and functional as long as possible.


  1.  How do I know my house is safe when you enter and leave my home?  

Professional cleaners should take your home security into account.You should give specific instructions for your preferred home entry and exit. For instance, if you want the house cleaner assigned to enter through a specific door or garage, you will want someone trustworthy, who will make it a top priority to lock up your home when they have completed all the services scheduled during your appointment. It is recommended that if you hire a neighbor or cleaning lady that you do a thorough background check to avoid unwanted theft.

At Home Comfort Care each employee goes through a background check. Our background check includes fingerprints, a drug test, reference check and even a driving record check. We want to make sure that each employee is very professional. After the background and references come back clear, we require each team member to go through a series of mandated training sessions. We have training sessions with hands-on senior trainers to make sure the person employed with us is a true cleaning professional before sending them to your home. In addition, each employee signs a Confidentiality Agreement as part of their employment with our company.  This ensures that your personal information and home are safe with us. We do not let any information outside of our office and your assigned house cleaner per the scheduled appointment. Your home is your safe haven and we treat each home with respect.  


  1.  What can I expect with a basic cleaning vs. a deep cleaning?

Many house cleaners provide a checklist for what you can expect for a basic cleaning versus a deep cleaning. It is recommended that you ask to make sure you are getting the type of cleaning you want or need in advance to make sure you are not expecting something to be done that is not included in a basic cleaning.

Home Comfort Care will customize services to each client with their own personal profile.  What exactly does that mean?  It means we take the time and ask specific questions about your home and which things you would prefer done when we visit your home based on budget, time allowances or a monthly rotating schedule. We then make a customized check-off list for our cleaners so that they know what your expectations are with each appointment. If anything changes or you want to add to your cleaning, we can make adjustments. Our website also has a “Cleaning Checklist” that shows the items you can choose from to add to your list, we can mix or match whatever you’d like. Each home is different from each other and each client is unique, so we want to make sure that each time we come to your home, we meet your needs as well as our own per our cleaning policy.  We take pride in making each cleaning service the best we can provide within the time allotment your budget allows, and make every effort to make your life comfortable.  


  1.  What is the cancellation policy?  

Finding out a cancellation policy in addition to pricing can protect you from any surprise or hidden additional fees you may not be aware of if you cancel your scheduled appointment. At Home Comfort Care we don’t do contracts like other companies.  We understand that sometimes life throws you curves you don’t expect, so you can use us as often or as little as you’d like. Our cancellation policy simply states that we must be given at least 24 hours notice beforehand so that we can give the proper notice to our employees to either take other jobs or not travel to your location.  We like to make your life comfortable, so we try and make your cleaning service as easy as possible.

Home Comfort Care main office is based in Kaysville, Utah. We currently service communities in Davis County, Weber County, Box Elder County, and even St George’s Washington County within the state of Utah. Additionally, in Idaho, some of our clients are in Ada county allowing us to clean in Boise, Bear Lake and its surrounding communities. If you need additional information or have any questions, you can contact us directly by calling 801-529-7172 or simply completing the “request a Free cleaning or in home care quote” on the right side of the page and a member of our team will contact you.

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