Things to expect when you get a cleaning From Home Comfort Care

Things to expect when you get a cleaning from Home Comfort Care

Cleaning from Home Comfort CareAre you finding that there are just not enough hours in a day to complete everything you need to do for your home? If you are debating hiring a professional housekeeper but not sure if it’s right for you or are not sure what to expect when you get your house cleaned contact us today for a free consult and estimate. We will answer any questions you have and can customize a cost effective cleaning schedule based specifically to your or a loved one’s needs. Home Comfort Care in Utah has the housekeeping solutions that are right for you. We currently serve clients in Northern Utah to include Logan continuing south to Lehi and the St George, Utah area. Counties included are Cache, Weber, Davis, Salt Lake, and Washington counties

We know that time is a precious, limited resource and there a lot of things that occupy our time throughout the day, such as:

  • An active family life
  • Being tied up at work
  • Having a senior parent who needs some extra help
  • Busy kid’s schedules

That’s why Home Comfort Care is dedicated to providing quality services that allows you to focus on the things that matter most.

At Home Comfort Care we take pride in the details of cleaning a home.

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Home Comfort Care is here to help make your life easier by utilizing our affordable professional cleaning services. Let us help you take advantage of the extra or free time you deserve at an affordable price while helping you keep your house clean.

You can expect consistent and detail-oriented work when you get your home cleaning provided by Home Comfort Care. Our trained staff has a house cleaning checklist to ensure nothing is missed every time we visit your home. Look and see what we can do for you.

Deep Cleaning Service Includes:

  • Washing all walls
  • Wipe doors and door handles
  • Light Fixtures and ceiling fans
  • Blinds and inside windows
  • Bathrooms:
    • all surfaces, sink, toilet, tub walls and floors
  • Kitchen:
    • all surfaces, counters, appliances,table and chairs,  walls and floors
  • Vacuuming all floors
  • Mopping:
    • all hard floors, tile, wood and laminate
  • Dusting:
    • all surfaces, tables, shelves knick-knacks

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