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“Simple Habits to Change your Life”

Organizing a space to put your things, when you first walk in the door!

  • a basket for your shoes
  • a closet or hanger for your coat
  • a place for the kids to put their backpacks
  • a hanger for your purse and keys
  • a small basket for your mail or any loose papers
  • a basket for kids homework or letters from teacher.
  • a small container for any other small items, change, etc.

This is very helpful to have a place just for the things you need to set down when you walk in the door. This will help keep the rest of the house organized. This doesn’t have to be right next to the door, but in a place that is easy for you to use in your life. Have the rule for the kids to put there things away when they first get home to, this helps keep the whole house nice.

This helps to have a place for everything so when you do go to leave again you know where your things are.


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