Home Comfort Care Cleaning Policy

Home Comfort Care Cleaning Policy - Home Comfort Care Kaysville, UT

Home Comfort Care Cleaning Policy-Guarantee

Home Comfort Care has a 100% customer service satisfaction guarantee. Details included are:

Home Comfort Care is not liable for any damages or theft that may happen when home owners/property managers leave open or unlocked doors to allow our cleaners to enter the premises. If you are worried about safety a garage code or key may be provided to unlock the doors. All keys will be kept in Home Comfort Care offices or returned inside the home provided we can lock the door without it. All alarm codes and garage codes are kept confidential.

Home Comfort Care is bonded, licensed and insured, and our cleaners go through background and fingerprinting checks before employment. Any reports of damage or theft will be taken seriously and Home Comfort Care staff is required to cooperate fully.

Home Comfort Care website and Service Agreements have our policies listed as well as lists of what is covered under the hours given. Our packages cover certain items included in the Satisfaction Guarantee, but any deviation from said list will change our policy coverage to Guarantee Man-Hours Spent only. Any hours bought outside of our standard packages are covered for Man-Hours Only and are not a guarantee of all items discussed being done in the time provided. Home Comfort Care cleaners are expected to follow certain time rule and guidelines but if they are not able to get everything done they will tell Home Comfort Care or any Home Owner present.

Any complaints or concerns must be voiced or e-mailed within 24 hours of when the cleaners leave the home. All complaints will be taken seriously, and an in-home consultation can be provided if requested. All valid complaints will receive a 1 hour touch up free of charge to fix any problems, or one hour off a next scheduled clean (Value of 30$).

Any items or personal property damaged by Home Comfort Care staff will need a current market price and pictures of said damaged item within 2 hours of cleaners leaving the premises to be covered under Home Comfort Care insurance. Any damaged items reported after this time period will not be covered because damage caused after two hours of Home Comfort Care staff being in the home cannot be proven as Home Comfort Care’s liability. Any broken items or personal property is expected to be reported by Home Comfort Care staff to their supervisor immediately.

Home Comfort Care does not clean certain items for health reasons. Items include:

  • Pet Urine or Feces
  • Excessive Human Waste
  • Cat/Rodent Litter or Bedding
  • Black or Yellow Mold
  • Copper, unsealed marble, unsealed granite, and unsealed wood fixtures and flooring*
    • *Without express permission from Homeowner

Questions or any concerns may be e-mailed to info@care-cleaning.com